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calculator man & hangar is the first ever internet band (they just recently patented the technique). it's a colaboration between 2 kooks otherwise known as the plastiq phantom and the snodgrass. they basically make music like this: one dude lays down a track, converts it to ones and zeros, then sends it through a bunch of fat pipes up or down the pacific coast of america to his parter. upon receipt of the ones and zeros, the parter decodes the message back to sound. sound is then added, subtracted, multiplied, and divided, then layered over the received sound to create new sound. it is then re-encoded into ones and zeros and sent back to the originator. this process is repeated until a result which they like to call "music" is achieved. ultimately, though, it's nothing more than a bunch of shitty noise that has become victim to the phenomenon known as "copy quality degeneration." anyways...
age: 10101
hometown: 32:48:54N 117:08:09W
notes: the prodigy son de los enanos fantismos...such rumors exist, that our sweet mister hangar is really speedo, romantic lead of the band rocket from the crypt... all i can tell you is phear hangar. he is into wussie indie rock, crazy hardcore (with band names like "the locust" and "cattle decapitation"), and big swedish arena rock. hangar gets all the chicks.

calculator man:
age: 10101
hometown: 47:37:18N 122:21:01W
notes: the dumbass doesn't even know how to operate a calulator...i don't know where the hell he got his name from...he currently works at a flower shop...but hopes to soon open a taco stand... calculator man gets all of hangar's leftover chicks.
,kaqrg uyqargargas fgfdghadfg flg bliink > sa i like to eat potatoes. isend us pictures of the face you would make if
you were
doing a can of cambells tomato soup. we
we would like to use it on our second debut record.

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