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calculator man & hangar vs. the la riots

calculator man and hangar vs. limp buzcuit and the la riots
join them in a slideshow of their adventures through the the la riots...
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calculator man and hangar commentary: "welcome to the documentary of our experiences in the la riots. actually, they weren't very riotous. see, we were staying at this fufu hotel on sunset called the standard. that night we went to go see mike patton's skitzophrenic hardcore band fantomas at the troubador. we took a cab home, and the guy was going the long way, so we were all, "what the hell dude? are you trying to rip us off?" "no," he replied, "there's a 3 hour traffic jam on sunset." but it was like midnight, so we didn't know what the hell was going on. so he drops us off a block from sunset, and we walk up there to find the streets blocked with cars honking their horns and people running around screaming and being wierd. the cause of all this? the lakers won the championship. we didn't care about that, but there were riots outside our window. so we went to document the experience...."

this guy in this picture is famous. he's that fred dirst guy from limp bizquit. we didn't know who the hell he was, but and said he was famous. there was a famous person driving his porche through the riots, when else would an opportunity like this present itself? so we got our picture with him. we're fucking hardcore, eh? we said, "hey dude, how about them lakers!" and he didn't even respond.

warning: there are some nekkid chicks in these pictures. since we warned you, you can not sue us now if your stupid hacker kid sees them.

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